What is a consultation?

This is where we talk about you, your family, friends and lifestyle. I am interested in you and what makes you tick. You can tell me about your hobbies, design and clothing styles that appeal to you. I would love to see pictures of your home, the decor, wall space, ceiling height, and available light. The more I know about you and your lifestyle, the better the connection between us, and the more comfortable and free the experience will be. 

Where do your photo sessions take place and what time of day?

I prefer shooting with natural light, in a natural environment. When I am in New Orleans, I often shoot in certain areas of  the French Quarter, client's homes, and other beautiful or interesting areas in the city. The best place to shoot is in an environment that appeals to you.  I will always give a few recommendations. The best time of day is early in morning and late in the afternoon. When the sun is rising and falling is the perfect time, and what photographer's call the "golden hour."

How long does a typical photo session take?

The first 20 minutes is about getting acclimated, in the groove or zone, where the session is flowing usually lasting around 2 hours. 

What should I wear?

It is most important that you are comfortable, love what you are wearing, and can move freely without being concerned about underclothing showing, A good form of measurement is to make sure that you like the way you look and feel, whether you are standing, sitting or walking. Remember, it is not about the clothes. The more classic and simpler the clothes and jewelry, the more timeless the photograph. 

When will I see the digital images?

You will be able to view the digital files on a large screen in my studio within 7 -10 days.  During the presentation,I will make suggestions on sizing and products depending on your wall, table space, and what your initial goals are for the photographs. 

Do you offer digital Files?

Digital file copies with shared copyrights are available

with the exception that they are only to be printed by a professional photography lab. We would like to continue offering digital files, and can do so with your cooperation in following our shared copyright agreement terms. 

One medium resolution archival-quality digital file is included with every wall portrait ordered 11x14 or larger.

Medium resolution archival-quality files are included with every album order of $1200 or more.

You will receive the entire digital collection of archival-quality images with your print order when you purchase $1500 or more of prints and wall portraits. 

The Fine Art Print

A Fine Art Print is a high quality photographic image printed with archival quality inks on an acid free 100% cotton paper. The papers vary in texture and hold beautiful detail, as the picture appears to be part of the paper, opposed to resting on the surface. 


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