Elizabeth Dondis is a New Orleans-based photographer and artist. Calling photography a passion would be an understatement. Her love for visual storytelling began when she was young, and was refined as she completed her Masters in Fine Arts and Photography, followed by an international program in art that took her to Italy. 

It doesn’t matter what or where she is shooting, Elizabeth will find the best way to capture and preserve the moment. Her camera is the tool she uses to explore people, their environment, and the connection between the two. Documenting a subject’s lifestyle, and seeing them in his or her element, is most important to her.

Elizabeth has found that the click of the shutter, a single expression combined with just the right light, and the movements of an event are what create an entire story. The best subjects are the ones who are the most engaged and connected, whether it be during an engagement session on the streets of New Orleans, an intimate sunset wedding, or a family portrait.

For Elizabeth, it isn’t all about perfection; it’s about the journey. Author Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote that it would take 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, meaning around 41 years and 1,250 weddings for Elizabeth. Rather, she enjoys the intriguing experience of evolving within the world of photography—the vision, intuition, and being present in the moment.

Elizabeth Dondis - New Orleans Wedding Photographer

There is nothing more exciting than the element of surprise, the unknown, such as the weather or capturing the overwhelming emotion of a couple in love.  That love, alongside light, color, and the environment are what tie together to make beautiful images. 

As Elizabeth always says, “Things happen when I’m out with my camera. Life happens.”



I fell in love with Elizabeth Dondis’ work and hired her to photograph my daughter’s destination wedding in New Orleans. She was able to capture the emotions and beauty of the day. They are beautiful, stunning pictures that I absolutely love and am so thankful for, and I would highly recommend her.
— Cindy
Being from New Orleans, I knew Elizabeth’s name and her work, but when we went to meet with her, something just clicked - I knew she would be a perfect fit. She really took the time to get to know us and to figure out what we wanted and the results were stunning.

In addition to her amazing sense of humor and talent, I was also really struck by how flawlessly she handled the wedding day itself. It can be a very stressful, very rushed day, and Elizabeth’s ability to get family members and bridal party wrangled and in place was truly amazing.
I honestly can’t recommend her enough - she’s the best!
— Hartley
I was referred to Elizabeth through a friend in New Orleans. From the moment I spoke with her, it was clear she was passionate about her work and committed to doing it well. The photos turned out beautifully, and we couldn’t be happier.
— Regan
I wanted to let you know we are so pleased with how all the pictures turned out, and I wanted to say thank for all of your time and effort. You did an amazing job of not only capturing the details of the day, but the emotion in it as well.  You have given us memories to last a lifetime, and we are so lucky to have you!
— Katie and Geoff
Elizabeth is the best photographer in New Orleans! Not only is she such a delight to work with, but she is an incredibly gifted photographer. Her creativeness, photographic style, and attention to detail are some of the best work I’ve seen. She captured moments at our wedding that are unbelievable. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she is the best!
— Rebecca
Elizabeth is fabulous and a fun person to be around. Her photographs are amazing, and I couldn’t have picked a better photographer.
— Kim
My fiancé and I just took our engagement photos with Elizabeth this past week in New Orleans, and it was such a great experience! As part of Elizabeth’s wedding coverage package, she uses the engagement session as a chance to get to know the bride and groom before the big day.

Neither my fiancé nor I have ever been comfortable in front of cameras, but Elizabeth made us feel at ease. Dare I say we even had fun? The entire session felt more like a conversation with a good friend than a photo shoot. I’d recommend Elizabeth to any bride that wants pictures that really speak to your personality and that don’t feel staged.
— Lindsay and Michael
Elizabeth captured exactly what I wanted without me having to worry - I couldn’t be happier! Elizabeth is an artist and if you want truly unique and soulful memories of your wedding, I highly recommend hiring her.
— Erin
We LOVE our pictures and have received numerous compliments from friends and family. I look forward to having Elizabeth capture many special moments of our family in the future.
— Amy