This is the deal...

I woke up thinking about "value!" I read a tweet written by about two photojournalists from New York, a few days ago. They lost their jobs awhile back. These guys were top notch. They captured award winning photos, but because of technology and abundance of easy access, originality and quality have lost to quantity.

It is sort of like the old days, when we would arrive in a big city that we had never visited. We took out the yellow pages, looked under let's say restaurants, and picked one. 

Well, the Internet has taken the place of the yellow places. At first it was cool if you had a website. Now, everyone has one. The race for the unique font and template is gone. So, how do we make a decision. Who is the "who's who", who Is the highest bidder? How do I stand out? How do I win you over in this flood of photographers? 

I know I don't need to build another pretty online museum, with images made to look like they were taken with film we used in the '70s. Because now, that market has become its own thick yellow pages. 

With wedding photographers selling the value of great wedding photography, based on nostalgia. I can make your wedding pictures look like they were taken one evening after a long day at Woodstock.

Or... I can make a beautiful new logo the you love so much, that you will want to stick it on everything, maybe your own equipment. Or maybe I will borrow a brand that has already won you over. My logo could be superwoman, except she has a camera in hand, and she flies to her next job.  

Or I could keep talking every day about the latest. I can coin myself as the know it all of photography. Anything and everything that has to do with photography. Like Martha Stewart. 

There is the show called The View. Another called The Voice. I can be The Photographer! Who is that? What does she do all day? What does she wear? Is she fit and 53? What does she eat? The answer could be that it just doesn't matter. Because she is "great!"

People's perception of value changed. How do we sell value?