My Ego!

I was offered a job recently with not but a days notice to shoot for a new venue, Il Mercato. Il Mercato in New Orleans, LA was hosting their first wedding and wanted to ensure that they had plenty of coverage.  I expressed my concern because I knew there was a photographer hired by the bride and groom. I was told that it was okay and the photographer was aware.

There was a time that I wouldn't have taken the job. My ego would have been jilted because I wasn't the "hired" photographer by the bride.  You mean to tell me that the bride doesn't know Elizabeth? Not to mention that I never met her or even knew she was getting married and that she was coming here all the way from New Jersey to get married. 

You never know who your going to meet next or what kind of opportunity could be around the corner.

So Marisa, the photographer, came up and said hello. I asked her if she were upset about me being there. Thankfully she wasn't.  We ended up working together all night. I held her little light for her film images.  We talked about weddings, and all kinds of photography related subjects. I am going to share my images with her if she needs them, and next weekend I offered to second shoot for her at her wedding since I'm not booked. Since we met that night working at Il Mercato, we have continued to discuss camera tech, photo ideas, social media, family and just plain ol' life! 

Thank you Marisa Lambert for working with me last weekend at YOUR wedding. It was a blast. Love talking about film and sharing ideas. It was refreshing and feels good to know that when I open up and let my guard down that new and interesting things can happen. My photos are better, and I can make new friends. I'm looking forward to getting to know Marisa better.